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The sound makes the music and everyone makes the difference.

The idea for a recording studio came to me from the very top, from the head, from the stomach and yet also directly from the heart. That’s all that’s said, it’s just not as simple or completely understood as I suspect.

I am Martin Korpowski, born in 1968, single father of my wonderful sons, VDM sound master, publisher, producer, musician, craftsman, photographer, composer, lyricist and much more. I got a good education and music school. I wanted to move the world.

That’s why I studied at Humboldt University Berlin to become a development aid worker in Africa. That was me, only for almost 10 years in Romania with children’s home-laid teenagers and a company for sun protection technology.

After the disastrous return from Romania, I thought about my very extensive musical experience and took the opportunity to create the recording studio. I want to change the world.

I can do what I enjoy and what I am called to do – that’s wonderful!

I can change, build, strengthen my studio guests. I have already been able to produce some important and wonderful audiobooks, accompany bands and proudly set many small artists to music.

I have wonderful friends and colleagues in our team and together we change the world. I invite you to become a part of it.

Michael Wendler

genialer Tastenkünstler, Musiker, Freund

Michael war schon mehrmals bei mir im Tonstudio. Er ist selbst Verleger, Musiker, Komponist, Textdichter. Wir verstehen und ergänzen uns ganz wunderbar. Wenn ein wahrer Tastenkünstler oder ein Arrangeur oder ein guter Rat gebraucht wird, ist er als einfühlsamer Teamplayer zur Stelle.

Hanno Herzler

Favorite Audiobook Speaker, Coach, Friend

Hanno is a very good and experienced speaker and supports our future projects. He is also a theologian, author, publicist, radio play director as well as rhetoric coach and photographer. We’ve worked great together a lot and we’re a very good team.

Oliver Benz

Webmaster, Networker, Communications Expert, Friend

Oliver from is the expert and bit&byte expert in the background, so there is a foreground that we can look at nicely. He is very rousing and reliable, demands and promotes and has a great talent to help others to great performances in a timely manner.

Maximilian Korpowski

drummer, son

Maxi studied drums at the music school for 8 years. Whenever a rhythm group is needed, he is there. Recently, he accompanied the student band Trebsen spontaneously, uncomplicatedly and all band members very satisfactorily during their studio recordings.

zukünftige Sekretärin

Bewerbungen hier!

Riccardo Berthold

der Typ für Gitarre und Bass, Freund

We believe it!

We are happy to support you in the productions of your high-quality audiobooks and music recordings or similar projects.

We believe that everyone has been given talent and should use them as best they can. We do that and we enjoy it. We will be happy to help you.

Unser Experte

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Martin Korpowski


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