The Happiest People on Earth – audiobook – Download


Author: Demos Shakarian with John & Elizabeth Sherill, Chosen Books
Language: English
Format: Download
Duration: 6 hours 49 minutes
Speakers: Hanno Herzler and Ann-Helena Schlüter

Coverdesign: Tim King, FGBMFI Chapter Phoenix

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"The Happiest People on Earth" is the fascinating story of ordinary people who had themselves qualified to achieve extraordinary things. This classic about the life of Demos Shakarian, who was a very successful dairy farmer in California, will also inspire you! His biography will captivate the listener with many thrilling experiences and adventures. He was a man whose grandparents and parents had left their homeland Armenia on account of a God given prophecy and had emigrated to America and in doing so, they escaped the genocide commited on the Armenian people in the beginning of the twentieth century.

It was an impressive VISION which inspired Demos to the founding of FGBMFI - Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International.

Today, this association is represented by thousands of local chapters on all continents. Through this worldwide largest  fellowship of professionals, self-employed people and business men, millions of people have been personally touched and positively changed since its founding in the early 1950ies. May you also be thrilled when you are being introduced to the secret of "The Happiest People on Earth"!