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The great pianist Ann-Helena Schlüter in the marTONstudio for the recording of her poetry volume “No cloud falls deeper than blue”

Recording Your Story

We are also happy to record your life or belief story. So if you’ve always wanted to write a book but don’t have enough time or money, with our support you can tell everything you want to tell the world in an audiobook. This is cheaper than writing a book and you can leave something permanent.

Ask us exactly how this works.


The publisher martonius has already recorded two extensive books, each in German and English, with professional speakers and produced some shorter, unpublished life stories for private clients.

Die glücklichsten Menschen auf Erden

Demos Shakarian, FGBMFI

Happiest People on Earth

Demos Shakarian, FGBMFI

Business ohne Grenzen

Erinnerungen an das kommende Reich Gottes

J. Gunnar Olson, ICCC

Business Unlimited

Memories of the Coming Kingdom

J. Gunnar Olson, ICCC

The Happiest People On Earth

… is a fascinating story of ordinary people empowered to perform extraordinary things. This biography of an Armenian-American and successful dairy farmer in California describes the life of a man who was impressively used by God.

The new edition of the classic bestsellerbook about the family of founder Demos Shakarian will inspire you too! A VISION was the impetus for the movement of the “FGBMFI- Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.” This international association now exists in 165 countries with more than 6500 chapters (local groups). This world’s largest business association has personally touched and positively changed millions of people since its foundation in the early 1950s. Let yourself be inspired to learn more about the secret of the “happiest people on earth”.

Probehören: Die geheimnisvolle Botschaft

by Demos Shakarian | Die glücklichsten Menschen auf Erden

“Als ICCC-Mitglied durfte ich den Schweden Gunnar Olson als Gründer dieser weltweiten Organisation persönlich kennenlernen.

Ich habe sein biografisches Buch “Business ohne Grenzen” gelesen und war total geflascht. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, wie Gott im Geschäftsleben heutzutage wirken kann. Gunnar Olson hat Unglaubliches erlebt und doch sind es Tatsachen.

Ich wußte, dass ich dieses Buch vertonen muss, damit so viele Menschen wie möglich davon hören können. Im Shop ist es nun neben anderen auch als Hörbuch zu finden.”

Martin Korpowski

Business Unlimited


This is the story of an ordinary man´s life turning into an extraordinary journey, impacting nations, presidents and kings. It tells of a dream becoming reality, influencing the lives of people throughout the world.

As he experience the limits of success and personal ambition he discovered an incredible liberty that is available to everyone. J. Gunnar Olson is the Founder and former Chairman of the ICCC, International Christian Chamber of Commerce. ICCC is represented in over 80 nations worldwide.

J. Gunnar Olson is a Swedish Industrialist in the plastic fields. Through a government decree in 1997 he was appointed Roving Ambassador and Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of Benin.


Probehören: Menschen ohne Gesicht

by J. Gunnar Olson | Business ohne Grenzen

J. Gunnar Olson, ICCC